The safety and well being of all employees is a core value for all of the Stakeholders. It is the intent that all workers go home safely at the end of the day.

All workers are required to attend the Contractor Safety Training which is provided by the Alberta Safety Association and are required to maintain a valid certification.

Prior to starting work at any of the Plants, site orientation will be provided to educate the worker of all hazards, plant procedures, evacuation process and the emergency response. This orientation is mandatory and must be attended prior to a site access identification being issued. Once the initial site orientation is completed the Contractor is then required to provide a job orientation, company process review and reporting including the details necessary for working in the areas assigned. Each Contractor will have a dedicated Safety specialist on the work site to provide guidance and support .These safety specialists are well versed in OH&S, site rules, emergency response as well as all other aspects of maintaining an incident free work site.

Every Plant Owner (site) has trained medical staff, ambulance service and first aid trained personnel who are available 24 hours per day.

Should an incident occur, the Plant owners, in conjunction with the Contractor site personnel, will conduct an investigation and focus on establishing root cause. This is captured and communicated to all employees through the appropriate contractor safety leadership.

Each Plant Owner has other specific training that may be required for the work that the worker is engaged in such as confined space entry, aerial lift training, SCBA air pack training, spill cleanup, etc. Your employer will determine if this training is required for the work that is being carried out.

One of the key tools used by the Contractors on a daily basis is the Field Level Risk Assessments. The intent is that each employee observes their work area and understands the hazards that may be there. Every time the work stops it is the responsibility of the employee to ensure he looks around and understands if any condition has changed, example: lunch break.

Every Contractor has daily safety meetings with all employees to discuss issues, concerns and sharing of information, as well as answering questions that the workforce may have.

Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”)
All stakeholders supply the required PPE for the workers such as hard hats, gloves, safety glasses, welding shields, welding jackets, fire resistant clothing etc. The Employee is responsible to provide Canadian Standards Association (“CSA”) or equivalent approved work boots with 6 inch tops (or equal). A safety approved green triangle (or equivalent standard) must be on the boot to be acceptable.

Alcohol & Drug Testing (“A&D”)
A&D is in place for pre-access to the stakeholder Facilities. This test is mandatory and is carried out by an independent laboratory. The results must be provided to your employer prior to you being dispatched for work. There is also a policy for A&D testing post incident or for cause, this means that a person can be sent for a A&D test at any time one of these events occur.

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Our participating owners are based out of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and Fort McMurray, Alberta.

ACTIMS goal is to ensure that the owner stakeholder’s turnarounds and ongoing maintenance projects are fully staffed with skilled, qualified, experienced, professional trades people.

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